We will open our preschool in August 2019.

How can you apply to PrimaKids private bilingual preschool?

You need to fill out the “Application” that can be found at in section “Application”, and send it to, or call +421 910 994 949.

After receiving your application, the principal of PrimaKids will get in touch with you to arrange a personal meeting/consultation which will take place in the PrimaKids preschool premises.

When visiting our facility, the principal of PrimaKids preschool will introduce the PrimaKids philosophy, show you the premises, and discuss the tuition fees.

As part of the personal meeting, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire on your child’s development, upbringing, and usual activities. 

Important information for parents:

Parent Allowance – 220,70 EUR

Act No. 513/2010 Coll. (amending Act No. 571/2009 Coll. on parent allowance and Act No. 561/2008 on childcare allowance), amended as follows:

  • Parent allowance is a state social allowance given to a legitimate person (parent) to ensure proper childcare.
  • Parent allowance is granted to a parent who earns income while caring for a child up to the age of three years (in case of a child with a long-term medical condition up to the age of six years), and has a permanent or temporary residence in Slovakia.
  • A parent is eligible for the parent allowance if he or she provides proper childcare in person or via another physical or legal entity, and proves that childcare payments are made to the childcare provider.

More details – page 4378

Childcare allowance

Childcare allowance is granted by the state to a parent or a physical entity who has legal custody of a child, to cover expenses pertaining to the care of the child.

Compensation for childcare arranged between a provider and an authorized person up to the amount of 280 eur, monthly payment up to the amount of 80 eur if childcare is provided by a preschool registered in the school network of the Slovak Republic, established by the local municipality or the local school administration authority, or 41,10 eur if childcare is provided by another physical entity (e.g. grandparent) who does not receive parent allowance, or a parent who earns income and does not arrange for a different type of childcare.

The amount of the childcare allowance may be modified by a regulation issued by the Slovak government by January 1st of any calendar year.

Documents for download:


   Legal guardian’s declaration of a child’s good health/non-infectious state

   Confirmation of a child’s health status